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*YOU MUST BE AN ADULT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE HERE! This adult website contains areas with sexually themed graphic content, both written and visual, maybe even oral, if you know what we mean (*wink, wink*). If you are under 18 years of age, 21 in Alabama, Mississippi, Wyoming, Nebraska and some other areas, if it is illegal to view adult material in your area or you’re offended by such erotic material then you must EXIT now! By entering this adult oriented website it means that you fully and completely understand, and accept, absolute, complete and total personal responsibility for any and all of your own actions, thus releasing the providers, owners and creators of this adult website and its related erotic websites and adult services from any and all liability and or damages whatsoever. Use This Site At Your Own Risk! IF YOU DON’T AGREE THEN LEAVE NOW!*

Sexual Activity welcomes and accepts you no matter your sex, race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation or political and personal beliefs, and we absolutely and completely welcome and champion all from the LGBT community here. On the other side of the coin, if you do have a problem with any legal adult content or views on sex here due to your own sex, race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation or political and personal beliefs then we really don’t want to hear about it, and neither does anybody else. There is already too much bigotry, hate, violence and misunderstanding in the world as it is. There are special exceptions to the above who are not ever welcome here to make use of our services, such as; human traffickers, child molesters, rapists, murderers, abusers, stalkers and any and all other such criminal minds, and who are absolutely not welcome, nor wanted at all, at Sexual Activity, period! Also, if you are a convicted and registered sex offender then you already know that you are not legally allowed to use this service, and are therefore not welcome here either. For anyone who wants to check the possible sex offender level of someone please visit the following resource online: NSOPW. Please note, we do absolutely reserve the total and complete right to boot and ban your ass from this service for eternity if we deem you unfit for the service, yet properly fit for said boot. Seriously, don’t test us, you will get that boot. Also, do not spam on or with this service, ever, because if you do we might just have to bare your ass and spank it, hard!

We are totally, absolutely and completely against child pornography, in any form whatsoever. Please report violators to NCMEC! We are very proud of services like ASACP, RTA, ICRA, and FOSI – these services are good things! If you try and use Sexual Activity to illegally abuse and traffic in human beings, especially children, against their will for any illegal purposes whatsoever we will immediately turn you in to the proper authorities, and that’s no shit, Sherlock! Sorry to say, but we aren’t just another craigslist or Backpage, folks.

A few other very important reminders before diving headlong into the Sexual Activity Adult Social Network… Every man and woman who performs in the adult entertainment industry and sex business does so at great personal risk and expense, whether you personally condone their own life choices and behavior or not. They are typically not compensated as well as you might imagine for the very personal work that they do and share with the rest of us, and they certainly do not have the workplace protections that someone working in most typical professions do. Please understand and respect that they are merely human beings too, and who give their all so that the rest of us can enjoy their amazing work. Also, many of the sex acts, as hot and sexy as they may be, depicted in porn are not typical in real life or are just fantasy recreations, so remember to always respect the ladies, fellas! Please don’t ever share or post true revenge porn either, that can lead to people committing suicide over the shame and embarrassment of it all, and human sexuality should never be shameful or embarrassing. If you find that you have become addicted to pornography and online porn or any other form of sexual addiction then we suggest you visit this helpful set of site links: DMOZ – Sexual Addiction and Pornography. Remember, everything that is good is everything that’s taken in moderation. Whew, that was a really big mouthful right there – no pun intended! LOL!

Ohh mighty, glorious sex… You know that sex is wonderful, sex is great! Sex is a super way to pass the time. Sex is a really fun, amazing way to show your special mate that you love and care for them deeply through sexy and sensual sexual activity and sex positions galore. Experimental sexual activity and exploratory sex can involve softcore sex or any other type of adventurous sex and sexual activity can be hardcore sex. After all, variety is the spice of a great sex life! Sex can, and should, involve what can be caring and loving erotic fetishes such as bondage, sex toys, lingerie, adult tube videos and streaming adult HD DVD XXX movies depicting and showing sex, sexual activities and sexual acts across all adult genres and sexual fetishes. Sex and sexual activities that involve multiple kinds of sex should always be respected and cherished and never taken advantage of. Through good, safe sex practices with someone that you love and care for on a mature and emotional level you will open up a whole new world of exciting erotic and exotic pleasures for you to share and enjoy with one another. Sex, isn’t it wonderful? Sex, isn’t it superb? Sex, isn’t it the pussy cat’s sultry meow? Sex and sexual activity, without it life couldn’t be sustained and would eventually cease to exist… Sex and Sexual ActivityThe Adult Social Network, SAASN, it’s what it’s all about right here and right now.

And without further ado…have a hell of a good time! 😉